Blå Vx Rød

Man kan få dioderne her

Denne model giver et krætigt lys og man behøver ikke at ændre på nogen transistore. Der er heller ingen ændrig i spændingen i forhold til originalen


Hvis du bestiller dioderne, så sørg for at de er klare, men med defust clas. Til Displayet ligger man dioderne på siden så lyser peger ind mod displayet, men hvis Du ikke har prøvet at lodde før, så ville jeg ikke prøve :o)

Pocket Reference Book

As you are aware, the VX-1R & VX-5R is a very sophisticated dual band radio with tons of features not found in most HT’s.  Because of the small size and lack of full keyboardon the VX-1R, most functions are menu driven/selectable.  With so many functions and features packed into this radio, it’s easy to get lost when trying to access some feature you don’t use much (like ARTS or scanning for a PL/DCS tone). Also included in the pocket reference are: frequency allocations, spectrum allocations, antennas and much more.  Bottom line: If you own either a VX-1R or VX-5R, get one of these now!The Pocket Reference book is only available from the author, Hugh VE3AYR.
VX-1R Pocket Reference:
$6.95 ($4.95 + $2.00 S+H)

VX-5R Pocket Reference:
$9.95 ($7.95 + $2.00 S+H)

Hugh VE3AYR (VX-1R Book)
610 Barons Court
Burlington, ON L7R 4E4

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Cool BNC-SMA adapter

Adapter allows you to:
Quickly change your antennas to base, mobile or different style use.  Use the more popular and wider selection available of BNC antennas.  Prevent chassis connector wear or from coming
loose due to having to change antennas.
Adapter features:
Gold contacts with a teflon insulator. A low profile design with a rubber covering for a factory antenna look. The rubber base seals to the top of the radio with NO SPACERS needed for moisture and dirt protection. The base also provides an excellent support for any length of antenna or application.
No need to remove adapter to make a quick and safe antenna change

Yaesu: VX-5, VX-1, VX-10, FT-50R
VX-10, VX-150, VX-110, VXA-100
Icom: IC-R2, IC-T8A, IC-T81A, IC-Q7A
Kenwood: TH-D7, TH-G71, TH-F6A
Alinco: DJ-V5
Standard: C508A, C510A
Radio Shack: HTX-200, HTX-400, HTX-245
Aor: AR-16

Previewed in the Nov. 2000 issue of  QST Magazine, Inc. and May 2000 issue of
CQ Magazine

Part # BGA-76
Yaesu: VX-5, VX-1
Icom: IC-Q7A
Kenwood: TH-D7, TH-G71
Alinco: DJ-V5, Standard: C508A, C510A
Radio Shack: HTX-200, HTX-400, AOR: AR-16

Part # BGA-77
Icom: IC-R2, IC-T8A, IC-T81A
Radio Shack: HTX-245

Part # BGA-78
Yaesu: FT-50-R, VX-10, VXA-100

$11.95  + $1.50 S+H (One to unlimited)
(Check or money order only)
(Specify-radio-model or Part-Number)

TRENTON, N.J. 08610
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Thanks.    S.G.G.    KC2BHO 73’s


Bob (KN6GA) has introduced a greatly improved Beltclip that replaces the original clip that is worthless.  This clip really clips to your belt tightly – unlike the factory clip.  This clip is specialty designed for the Yaesu VX-1R & VX-5R.  It holds the VX-1R & VX-5R securely to your belt or pants without the worry of having your new radio falling off and crash on the ground.  (VX-1R shown in photo)
The VX-1R Clip:
$12.50 + $1.50 S + H

The VX-5R Clip:
$14.00 +$1.50 S + H

Robert Dashoff (KN6GA)
28731 Lemon St.
Highland, CA  92346

Any questions or comments, email:

Nokia Klips

Contains two buttons with a foam 3M sticky tape that is fastened to the back of the VX-5R with the factory belt clip screw.  The advantage of this type clip is that it rotates around and will not stick you in the gut when you sit down.  With this belt clip, you can remove the radio, and the clip is still secured to your belt.

The VX-5R Swivel Clip:
$ 11.95 (includes shipping to USA)

Neil G.
Commed Int’l Corp.
P.O. Box 353
Medfield, MA 02052
(800) 537-3646
checks or credit cards

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