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INFO Om Pryme MonoFoner

There’s a little confusion as to what Pryme model does what…Please
refer to their Web site at Pryme for details.

SPM-102 – Smaller handheld speaker mic. Same performance as Yaesu’s
MH-34, in my opinion. Less money, though.

SPM-202 – Avoid – in favor of the upgraded SPM-302

SPM-302 – Lapel mic with earpiece. Beefier than the old SPM-202.
SPM-302E – Same as above, with comfortable earhook.

SPM-402 – There’s an UPGRADE – the 402A
SPM-402A – Mini-boom mic. Better than MFJ. Beefier cabling.

SPM-502 – Throat mic system.

SPM-602 – Discontinued, medium-sized handheld speaker-mic. Wasn’t
discontinued due to performance issues – discontinued ’cause it was
so close to a SPM-102 in size and performance.

SPM-702 – “Secret Service-type” clandestine speaker-mic. Mic and PTT
runs down your sleeve…

SPM-802 – Motorcycle/bicycle helmet systems

SPM-902 – Larger than the 102, a great handheld speaker-mic.

SPM-1000 Series – Acoustic-tube, Otto-like systems. See their Web site for details.

SPM-1102 – Water-resistant handheld speaker-mic. Replaceable cord.

> …security guard … it rains …

The fine folks who make The Pouch have water-repellent, “upside-down”
protectors for our HTs and speaker-mics!

> …Are the SPM-11xx and the SPM-9xx inside/componets the same?

Not at all. See pics at the Pryme site.

> …EH-1, can it withstand the running and jumping…

It’s just an earphone…it will stay put – the cord might catch on
something and yank it out of your ear…

Clint Bradford, K6LCS


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